Why I prefer YouTube to Facebook

After years of using YouTube, like most people, I used it to watch music videos and tutorials etc. Then I stumbled across someone who was doing something called vlogging. This is different, I thought to myself, so I trawled YouTube for more vlogging videos to see what it was all about. Then realised that what these people were doing is basically a visual version of what everyone else was doing on Facebook. So I decided to create a brand new channel called coffeeandasliceolife. The idea of this channel was to vlog, video blog, whatever you want to call it. I decided to create this channel after getting bored with Facebook and the constant, join my gang, help me build a restaurant, donate pets, and all the other rubbish that the social networking site spews out on a daily basis. I’m sure if you are a regular Facebook user you will know what I mean. Anyway, since using YouTube and initially being surprised that anyone would even want to see my videos, I have started building up a good, friendly group of subscribers.
In march this year, we had a gathering in York, and since then, these subscribers have become friends. I know I’ve mentioned the gathering on a previous blog, but what an amazing weekend it was with an amazing group of people.
Anyway, the point I am trying to get to is, that I never believed in a million years that YouTube could be the basis for making friends. I thought, like I said, that Youtube was just for watching music videos and such. And since the introduction of Google+ and the ability to have hangouts, which like video calls. It with to 10 people at once, these friendships grow all the time. Because of watching everyone’s video blogs and speaking to them on hangouts, we all felt like we knew each other before even meeting up, which made the gathering more surreal. You know these people but meeting them in person and already knowing them was a bit strange but easy at the same time.
Out of all these friendships that have grown out of the midsts of YouTube and Google+, some naturally grow deeper, and become part of your daily life. Marc, Paul and Trish are 3 such people that we have become quite attached to. We speak to them on a daily basis and have got to know them on a level not always possible on a social networking site. They are all genuine, honest, caring people.

This is me and Paul sharing a laugh while at the YorkTube gathering 2012

The point I’m trying make out of all this babbling on is that, In my opinion, Facebook, is ok to a certain extent as a social site but there’s only so much to do on there. Messages, status updates, photos and text chat, whereas on YouTube and Google+ ( both are now linked together via google account ) it is a completely more personal experience altogether. Yes you have photos and status updates on Google+ but without the aforementioned join my gang and be part of my whateverville, that straight away is better than Facebook but add onto this the visual side of it I.e video blogging ( replaces status updates etc ) and the video chat of Google+, you become part of an ever expanding virtual family, where you feel like you matter and also where your input is gladly received.
Also finally, when did you ever hear of anyone on Facebook receiving a gift from a person they have never met before and only know on Facebook. This happens very regularly on YouTube. And you never hear of Facebook gatherings, but there’s loads of YouTube gatherings.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this. It will be interesting to see what people think and feel about their chosen social networking site.

My introduction to eCigs

Well this has been the first week I have attempted to try an ecigarette, an electronic cigarette. I’m not trying to quit cigarettes, just want it to be healthier and save money.

I have to admit that I did have reservations about this new gadget that more and more people are starting to use. My initial thought was about the cost and initial outlay. A friend at work has used one for a good few months now and has not smoked a real cigarette in all that time. Then one day a couple of weeks ago, my family and myself were at Gatesheads Metrocentre shopping centre, where I saw a stall selling VIP branded ecigs.

Trying not to fall for any sales pitch I listened to what the nice lady at the stall had to tell me about the cigarettes, and even let me try one. ( I tried not to think about all the other mouths that had been sucking on that ciggy lol).I was surprised how nice the taste was that these cigarettes produce. I decided to go away and have a think about it over the next week and weigh up the price difference between these ecigs and the normal rolling baccy that we buy. I cant remember the figures but I will save a fair bit by using this if it works.
My friend at work who uses them suggested buying a disposable one from a shop and trying that first of all to see if I can get away with it. I did that. Spent about 6.99 ukp on a disposable which equals about 20 cigarettes and set about sucking on that for the next day or so. To my surprise, I didn’t get any cravings at all for a real cigarette and actually found it nice being able to smoke it anywhere without being told to put it out, and also not worrying about it affecting other people by passive smoking. Also I felt as if, mentally, I was more alert and awake, and didn’t feel as run down and achy as normal. A pleasant surprise.
The next day, we went back to the Metrocentre and I bought a pack which is the equivalent of 800 cigarettes. I got the main body ( the white part ) of the ecig, which houses a battery and can be charged via USB. 2 refills with the ecig and 4 boxes of refills, and a usb charge adaptor. And all that came to about 49.00 ukp.

Since using them this week, which I’ll let you know has been a very tiring and stressful week at work, I have not smoked nearly as many real cigarettes as I normally do. The ones I have smoked, have mainly been because I forgot about my eg=cig and automatically lit up a real one. That will get less and less, as I get used to using it. I’ll let you know in the coming weeks how I get on.


Underneath you will see some things I found on a website. Makes interesting reading. Let me know what you think about eCigs, or your experiences using them or ways you tried to quit or cut down on smoking.

Exerts from http://www.tobaccoharmreduction.org/faq/nicotine.htm about nicotine

1: The effects of nicotine itself are similar to that other popular drug, caffeine. See our (nicotine reading list.) There is no evidence that nicotine causes any substantial risk for cancer, and the research shows that the risk for cardiovascular disease is minimal. The confusion about nicotine comes from anti-smoking activists talking about nicotine and smoking as if they were the same. While it is true that people smoke mostly because of nicotine; nicotine users die mostly because of the smoke.

2: Neither nicotine nor coffee are completely benign (in particular, both cause a short-term increase in your blood pressure and pulse rate when you use them, which could affect your health). A lot of evidence shows that coffee drinking causes very little health risk. Studying nicotine is a bit harder, because most nicotine users smoke, and the smoking is quite bad for you. But there is some good evidence: If nicotine were very bad for you then smokeless tobacco, which provides nicotine, would be very bad for you. As we’ve shown elsewhere, that is not the case.

3: For quite a few people, nicotine provides the benefits that some people get from caffeine or Ritalin: it helps them focus and be more productive, overcoming attention-deficit-type problems. For some people, nicotine provides relief from stress, anxiety, or panic. For people suffering from some severe mental illnesses, nicotine seems to provide great relief, which probably explains why a very large fraction of psychiatric patients smoke.

4: Nicotine is also suspected as the reason for the lower incidence of Parkinson’s Disease among smokers. And for those who have it, nicotine appears to reduce the associated symptoms. Unfortunately, because nicotine is so stigmatized, there is less information about it than we might want, so we do not have good scientific evidence on all of its possible benefits.

What a week

What a week this is. After the amazing time in York for the YouTube gathering, its back down to reality now, with a bump.
First of all my car is playing up. Got a warning light on the dash which is a car with a spanner through it. Also it doesnt seem to be running correctly. Shudders a bit on standby and also sometimes struggles to start. It feels like a fuel starvation or blockage, but I’m no mechanic. All the searches on Google for it, show all sorts of things that it could be, from plugs, to filters, to starter motor etc etc etc. I called Green Flag, who said, even though I have not yet broken down, they will still send someone out. A van from a recovery truck turned up within the hour. All that was done was the guy plugged a handheld reader into the port for the management which came back as no errors or faults. He then checked the battery level, which was slightly low but still workable and the alternator, which was fine. He then said he couldn’t find anything wrong. Helpful ( not ).
My friend who is a foreman at a well known motor company asked me to bring the car in to his place tomorrow, so they can run it through their proper systems for faults.
Then theres the little inconvenience of work. I wish, like all of you more than likely do, I could win the lottery and give up work and move somewhere nice. Yesterday I had my monthly meeting to tell me how badly I had done on my call durations and stats etc. Working in a call centre is no fun, but its a job, and pays the mortgage, which is the main thing. Keeps a roof over our heads.
If anyone has ever worked in a call centre before of a similar environment, you will know how hard it can be to stick to targets set by the company. You could be having a good day and doing well, then you get the ‘call from hell’ and that one call can drag on and ruin the whole days figures. Then after that, the pressure is on, and its always in the back of your mind that you could potentially lose your job if things dont improve over a set period of time. Times have certainly changed, since I started there 10+ years ago. A lot more pressure these days compared to then. Its more doing stuff to keep your job and less helping your colleagues if they are stuck, as it will affect your figures if you are not taking calls due to helping someone else. Yes, there is a team manager but they are not always available, due to meetings etc.
Anyway, thats my little rant over.

One a completely different subject, I have just got my other blog up and running. At the moment theres nothing on there, but when I have time, I will be posting photos on there that I have taken. The address is www.fstopphotographs.co.uk. Please pop accross and subscribe. I hope, when I get photos on there, you will enjoy them. I’m not a professional photographer, but love taking photos when I’m out and about.

Anyway, thats me done for today. Take care everyone and thanks for popping by.