Nice touch by Google+ and a worrying trend

What a lovely day I had today. For the first time this year, I was able to take part in my favourite pastime, sun bathing in my garden. Even though the sun has barely reached an area of 6ft at the top of the garden, I huddled myself into the corner and settled down with my coffee and messed about on my iPhone, mainly using ‘Path”. Path is a great little social app where you can do different things like, log into a location, type status updates, post the song you are listening to , post photos and videos etc. Its well worth having a look at. I have loads of fun on there.

Tonight I popped into a Google+ hangout, where amongst my usual friends on there, I met Katherine, who works for Google+ itself. She had popped in to see what problems were had experienced. We told her about the usual thing of people joining but not managing to get fully into the hangout. Was nice to see someone from Google+ taking part and asking our opinions.

In the hangout was also a girl called Stephanie ( from ) who told us about a news story going round in USA where employers are asking, at the time of an job interview, for the password to the personas Facebook account. Apparently this also happens in colleges as well. The reason, as I understand it is so they can get an idea what sort of person they are interviewing, rather than just taking it on face value from their resume etc. To me, this sounds like a complete breach of that persons privacy. Would they also like to check their mail and vet their phone calls, just to be on the safe side. Companies these days do CRV ( in UK ) check to see if the person has a criminal record, so why the hell should they want to delve to rudely into someones private life. Personally I think the whole idea stinks, and should be made illegal. Apparently in USA its not illegal. I dont understand how it isn’t, unless I’m missing something. Its a worry trend that seems to be happening more and more often. If my company, who I have worked for for a lot of years turned round and said they wanted my password, they would get a short sharp answer, as I’m sure lots of the staff would give them.

Heres a link to the story.

Anyway thats my rant over for the time being lol. Hope you all are having a great week.

What a ‘nice’ present

I went into our bedroom today to find the floor on my side of the bed covered in dark grey colour feathers. You can imagine the words that left my mouth and also what went through my mind at seeing this sight. At this time, I couldn’t see any sign of prey, that had been left by our cats. I thought to myself it will have to wait as I was rushing to pick our daughter up from school.
On my return I went into the bedroom, closely followed by both the cats. One ran round the bed, and dived underneath, whereas the younger one shot under the bed on the opposite ( closest ) side. Something is obviously up here, as they never go under the bed together. I then heard a very faint eating noise from the far side of the bed, which is my side. I walked around and slowly lifted the mattress to see our older cat, look up at me with her big, soft, loving eyes. Looking just past her, I saw what can only be described as, the half devoured remains of a bird. NICE!!!.
I know most people would of run for the nearest cleaning utensils, but as it still looked fresh, ( I can just imaging you all wreching about now lol ) I though, I’ll wait till Diane, my long suffering partner, gets home to give me a hand to pull the bed out. I can’t afford another bout on the sick. I would end up losing my job, and the bed is very heavy. So doing it by myself with an injured back is out of the question.
On Diane’s return home from work, I got her a coffee, chatted about her day, then made the move to go clear up the massacre under the bed.
On shift the bed, I couldn’t believe how many feathers there were lying around and how big a distance they covered. We even found them on the stairs and in the bathroom.
As I cleared the feathered remains and put it in a bag, Diane got on with hoovering up the loose feathers, while trying not to be sick.
A bad job turned out good, as we managed to give the bedroom a damn good, well overdue, tidy up as well.

Things starting to get back to normal

Wooohooo. I’m really happy. Managed to do a vlog today. Or a ‘clog’ as we have started calling it. A vlog from my car. car log, car blog, clog….get it? lol
On my personal channel, coffeeandasliceolife, I’ve not done anything for the last few weeks. The reason being work gets in the way or fun and life. Since going back to work, the stress on the job itself and trying to hit targets, and some of the people I have to speak to on the phone, has really taken it out of me. I’ve felt like a zombie at times. Coming home and just want to crash into bed. So doing this short vlog, was a great relief. Getting back to normal.

A Day out at Silverstone

Yesterday, myself, and my 2 friends Paul and Rob went to the world famous Silverstone Race Circuit to watch the pre season media day for the BTCC ( British Touring Car Championship ).
There was as normal and expected, a lot of walking to do. As I have not taking my camera to any of these mettings for so long, I forgot how heavy a camera bag, laden with lens, camera, food etc can be. I managed though, with no problems with my back thankfully.
Now got a lot of photos to sort out